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ShinewayTech OLT-55 Loss Test Set 

Fiber Optics Termination, Transmission & Testing


OLT-55 Intelligent Optical Loss Tester is an all-in-one loss tester integrated with Stabilized Laser Source, Optical Power Meter, Optical Loss Tester, ORL Tester and Length Testing functions. It can perform automatic bidirectional loss test on single fiber with Pass/Fail assessment. With rich functions, flexible configuration and excellent user friendly design, OLT-55 is the ideal optical loss tester to completely evaluate the optical fiber link condition in FTTx, LAN and CATV network.


CKEY Networks Fiber Optics product lines is an area we are currently expanding and seeking out relationships with new suppliers. 


We welcome calls from suppliers and referrals from customers. Anyone that needs and/or uses easy to deploy, innovative and cost effective tools and testing equipment should call. We like to find suppliers that offer unique, high value niche products that helps saves operating expenses and reduces complexity for the job. This usually equates to increased revenues within your organization.    


The staff at CKEY Networks have sold  Fiber Optics equipment from leading suppliers like Sumitomo, EXFO, Nettest (Laser Precision), Rifocs, Wilcom and York. We are experienced in Outside plant, inter/intra office connections and central office locations to the LAN/WAN/ATM Fiber and VoIP network equipment.  In addition to the sales of these leading vendors products by CKEY Staff, we have also provided training and field consumable supplies. We are experts in the tools used for constructing and maintaining fiber optics and high speed Ethernet networks to carriers and enterprise markets.


CKEY Networks have now been operating for over 10 years and have evolved with a stronger focus on Fiber Optic product lines and equipment sales. Our Fiber Optic Fusion splicer kits from Fiber Fox represent an evolution of numerous suppliers product lines from our initial offering of low cost high value TAG Core Alignment splicer's in early 2004 when our Japanese competitors were selling their products at double the cost from our list prices, to the introduction of Ilsintech (South Korea) splicer kits in early 2007 with kits still almost 1/2 the cost of our competitors to the present day when we can still offer Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer kits at significant and compelling cost savings over our competitors, yet still provide high quality performance matched or exceeded and proven from extremely high quality vendors like Fiber Fox.






Fiber Fox LLC Inc. - Fiber Optic Precision Preparation Tools & Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer's for Single & Ribbon Fiber Splicing Applications, Fiber Stripping Tools, Thermal Strippers, Precision High Performance Fiber Cleavers.


Sticklers MicroCare Inc. - Fiber Optic Cleaning Solutions

Fiber Optic connector cleaning Sticks, Lint Free Wipes and Non Isopropyl Alcohol based fluids. The MicroCare cleaning fluids are Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Fast Drying and do not leave any residue on connector end face. Stocking distributor.


Shineway Tech - Fiber Optic testing Solutions including Palm OTDR, OLT-55 Optical Loss Test sets, Optical Power Meters, Laser Sources, Optical Identifiers, MTP Multi Function Test Platform, Software fully compatible with EXFO, CAA-100 Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Net Optics Inc. - Fiber Tap Access Solutions

Fiber Tap and Fiber base modules for multiport network access 

Senko Advanced Components Inc. - Fiber Optic Inspection, Cleaning  

SENKO Advanced Components develops, manufactures, markets and distributes over 1000 fiber optic products for the telecom & datacom industries worldwide.
An ISO-9001 approved company, SENKO is able to provide multinational corporations with the technical expertise to liaise with engineers, and the manufacturing flexibility to develop custom products for the ever growing high tech industry.

TAG Inc. (Telecom Assistance Group) - Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing for Lab & Network Cable Installations. Portable low cost high performance Fusion Splicing kits complete with Precision Fiber Cleavers, and accessories. The TAG TFS260C Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer offers High Speed Image Processing, fast splice times (<10 seconds), average splice loss 0.02db SM/ 0.01db MM and proven field performance.    

Wilcom Inc. - Fiber Optic Testing for Installations, Lab & Network Troubleshooting 

Fiber Optic Testing Solutions, OTDR, Laser Sources, Optical Power Meters, Visual Fault Finders (VFL), Fiber Identifiers  and other Hand Held Testing Solutions with proven reliability and field ruggedness. 



CKEY Networks - Converging Key Communications Networking Products and Testing Equipment . Please call us for more information today 613-257-8863