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InterMapper network monitoring software's live, interactive interface lets you see and control your network in real time. Whether it's building-wide, campus-wide, or worldwide, know exactly what is going on with your network from a single location.

Thousands of organizations around the world including financial, educational, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and governments rely on InterMapper products to keep their networks up, safe and responsive. Learn more about InterMapper Network Monitoring Software

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Easy to install and to use, InterMapper monitors the health of your network 24/7, alerting you to deterioration of service, heavy traffic flow, denial of service attacks, and more.

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Live Network Maps with InterMapper Version 5.1

InterMapper Flows


InterMapper Flows Netflow Analysis Software

InterMapper Flow’s capabilities help network managers successfully monitor complex network environments.  Powerful tools give managers the ability to observe high level traffic flows in real-time, and, if problems arise, to quickly drill down and explore granular details

High Level Traffic Data

NetFlow and sFlow data summaries transmit vital high level indicators, such as sources and protocols. Without leaving the top-level network activity screen view, managers may evaluate data sets such as “Top Talkers”, “Top Ports”, “Top Sessions”, “Top Hosts”, and “Top Listeners”.

Real Time Data

All bandwidth usage and network traffic analysis reports are easily saved as web pages for easy sharing and use in presentations. Reporting is fast, extremely granular, and easy to digest. Users move easily from views of Top Hosts, Top Talkers, and Top Listeners without leaving their overall view of network activity and device performance.

Data from the Host Table can be copied and pasted into spreadsheets and reports.


The sluggish economy has impacted your organization causing you to cut budgets and reduce staff yet you are still required to maintain and even improve service and support levels.

CKEY Networks offer innovative solutions for growing businesses that will reduce the operating costs and complexity of managing your network. The tools we offer will significantly increase your IT staff's productivity and Network up time. Our Network Monitoring product lines will provide     24 X 7X 365 monitor and test execution on your LAN/WAN/ATM and VoIP networks.


Quickly identify, isolate, validate and remove Network Bottlenecks, misconfigurations, transmission errors, service levels and voice quality issues.  






Cascade Product Family Application-aware network performance management

Cascade® combines flow analysis (NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, etc.) with packet capture and analysis to provide an integrated, top-down, application-aware network performance management (NPM) solution. Cascade gives network managers a single, integrated view of all network data, so they can discover and map critical services and applications, analyze and report on their status, and troubleshoot network performance and security problems faster than is possible with competitive offerings. As a result, the impact and duration of service outages is minimized and network management costs are reduced. Typical results include 83% faster problem resolution and 34% fewer downtime incidents per month.

  • Application-aware – offers an application-oriented view of network traffic
  • Proactive – alerts to problems before users call to complain, which enables fast resolution, often before the business is impacted
  • Comprehensive – provides end-to-end network coverage with deep packet-level intelligence as needed
  • Easy to use – provides a simple interface that delivers sophisticated functionality to solve complex solutions
  • Fast time to value – offering an application-oriented view of network traffic
  • Application-aware – deploys without having to modify applications and shortens your mean time to resolution.

Cascade AirPCap Wireless LAN Adaptors




New WildPackets WatchPoint


WatchPoint is a comprehensive enterprise-wide network monitoring and reporting solution, collecting and aggregating data from multiple network resources. Information about network performance, top talkers, and overall network utilization is presented via a flexible web-based graphical interface. Summary and detailed reports are easily generated in many popular formats directly from your web browser.

WatchPoint is a highly flexible and scalable system, allowing for the deployment of one or more WatchPoint appliances as the number of network elements under management grows. The following diagram illustrates how various WatchPoint appliances might be deployed in a network where NetFlow, sFlow, and OmniFlow data are all being monitored simultaneously.




WatchPoint is a reporting solution for network analysis, performance, and troubleshooting



Key Features of WildPackets Watch Point

  • Aggregates data from all sources into a single network view
  • Collects and summarizes data from:
    • OmniFlow-supported devices (OmniEngines / Omnipliances)
    • NetFlow-supported devices (Cisco)
    • sFlow-supported devices (Foundry and others)
  • Includes the following analysis gadgets:
    • Network Utilization/TimeLine
    • Geographic Map
    • Top Ports
    • Top Nodes
    • Top Collectors
    • Top Flows
  • Allows for custom displays for each user
  • Supports both IE and Firefox





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